Running and mental health…taking it out on the road

I have always tried to think of a way to write a blog about running and the way that it has helped me in a lot of different ways over the years but have never managed to get round to it. Running has been an important part of my life for the past 20+ yearsContinue reading “Running and mental health…taking it out on the road”

Julian Cope ‘Self Civil War’ (2020)

In a bizarre year where I have, like many other people, not attended many live shows there has been one artist who has pulled me through and who I was lucky enough to see before the lockdown. Julian ‘Godlike Genius’ Cope released his ‘Self Civil War’ album in January and managed to play some liveContinue reading “Julian Cope ‘Self Civil War’ (2020)”

Records That Changed My Life #2

The Velvet Underground & Nico (Verve Records) In my first blog post on this site, I covered the story of how ‘The Days of Wine & Roses’ by The Dream Syndicate was the album that literally gave me the opportunity to work in the music industry. Part 2 of this series has a loose connectionContinue reading “Records That Changed My Life #2”