Unreleased Tracks #2 – Splashh ‘Sandy’s Dream’

Trust Management got to work with Splashh from a really early point in their career in 2012 when a booking agent called Matt Cooper from 13 Artists put us onto them and told us to watch the video for ‘All I Wanna To Do that had recently been uploaded to YouTube. We immediately fell in love with the band and their sound and as we were all at the time based in east London it was easy to meet up and agree to work together. We had previously tried to manage Washed Out, who we saw play at Cargo in the early days, which had a similar sound to the band.

Splashh ‘Sandy’s Dream’

Within a few months we had a booking agent, lots of label interest, plenty of positive press and radio play. There were also a good number of live dates that included headline shows and good supports and the band’s name and reputation was really building. This was also reciprocated in the US where we found a booking agent, a publisher and a label after spending a lot of time in New York setting up the deals.

Splashh ‘All I Wanna Do’

The band had a yearning to be based out of New York which created some logistical, financial and visa problems. The debut album ‘Comfort’ was a compilation of the early home demos and additional recordings which really did warrant a release through Luv Luv Luv Records and Kanine Records in the UK and the US respectively. A lot of album two demos were recorded in New York but the setup was a little bit fragmented for the band to continue the early momentum that they had generated. The unreleased track here, ‘Sandy’s Dream’ was one of these tracks and, to this day, is still my favourite Splashh track. I remember hearing it for the first time after a walk through a snow blizzard in Brooklyn with Sasha and then saw it live (I think) at Pianos on the Lower East Side at a label showcase for CMJ. The song had, and still does have a great effect on me and brings back some great memories.

Splashh ‘Headspins’

I stopped working with the band when our management company split in two directions a couple of years later but the time I worked with Sasha, Toto, Tom and Jake were memorable and wonderful. One of the best new bands that I have had the privilege to work with.

Dedicated to Nigel, Rhian, Luv Luv Luv Records, Matt Cooper, Jason Edwards, Lio @ Kanine Records and Lawson Higgins. Also to Sasha, Toto, Tom, Jake and Jaie xxx

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