Music Talks (Episode 63) ‘Indefinite Hiatus”

My chat with Terry Smith for his Music Talks podcast was an extremely enjoyable experience. Not only did it let me talk about and reflect on my career but I also needed to provide a song from each decade of my life and discuss why it was so significant. These are the songs I chose:1960’sContinue reading “Music Talks (Episode 63) ‘Indefinite Hiatus””

Steve Lovell – Accolades

Every 5 years or so I go back to the two Julian Cope biographies Head-On and Repossessed which, for me, form the best music biographies published about any musician. My obsession with Julian as an artist started in 1984 with the release of the debut single Sunshine Playroom (the World Shut Your Mouth album wasContinue reading “Steve Lovell – Accolades”

Julian Cope ‘Self Civil War’ (2020)

In a bizarre year where I have, like many other people, not attended many live shows there has been one artist who has pulled me through and who I was lucky enough to see before the lockdown. Julian ‘Godlike Genius’ Cope released his ‘Self Civil War’ album in January and managed to play some liveContinue reading “Julian Cope ‘Self Civil War’ (2020)”