Get Scorched!

Jason & The Scorchers were always a hugely popular band in our shop at Virgin Records in Portsmouth when I joined in 1984. Our assistant manager Paul Hensman played me the ‘Fervor’ mini-album at first and then in 1985 we were offered ‘Lost & Found’ which was eleven tracks of pure ‘cowpunk’ that we allContinue reading “Get Scorched!”

Stiff Records – If It Ain’t Stiff….

Contrary to my loyalty and allegiance to Rough Trade Records my favourite record label has to be Stiff Records. From their formation in 1976 via an often disputed loan from Lee Brilleaux (Dr Feelgood), Dave Robinson and Jake Riviera started an independent record label that followed the structure of the U.S. independent labels whilst RivieraContinue reading “Stiff Records – If It Ain’t Stiff….”

For the Love of Doves

In tribute to Doves celebrating their third UK number one album, this blog evidences the background to my minuscule involvement with them in the 1990s and how they became to be one of my favourite bands. In 1997 I was working for a distributor handling international licensing and distribution deals on behalf of their independentContinue reading “For the Love of Doves”