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After a recent twitter poll, it was decided that I would write my next blog about my work with At The Drive-In which was one of the highlights of my career. The more I thought about it the harder it seemed to be able to do it justice in just one post. I have therefore decided to work on a series of posts over the forthcoming months about the band and the ‘Relationship of Command’ campaign which eventually led to the band’s ‘hiatus’. I have started to carry out the research for this and have already scanned a lot of photos and memorabilia which I hope that people will enjoy and appreciate.

In the meantime, I am going to leave you with the images at the top of this page of the original acetate for the album that was mastered at Townhouse Studios.

In addition to this, I am posting the video of the band’s live performance on TFI Friday on 8th December 2000 of ‘Rolodex Propaganda’ which really summed up the band’s energy and attitude from that period. It also coincided with the birth of my daughter Zia so while we sat in the maternity ward of Wycombe General Hospital watching the TV we witnessed Cedric deliver the following call-out at the start of the broadcast:

Zia Dallas welcome to the real world. Happy Birthday today

Also, pay close attention to Donna Air’s departing words and Cedric’s reaction.

‘At The Drive-In’ by Rolodex Propaganda

For me, this performance was one of the reasons that I was so lucky to have worked with so many incredible bands who created a legacy with their creative process and most importantly their passion. I will post more in-depth blogs about the band over the next few weeks but enjoy this performance for the time being.

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