Unreleased Tracks – Howler ‘Ipecac’

Nigel Templeman, Rhiann Dunkley, and I worked with Howler in 2011 just after the release of the debut EP ‘This One’s Different’ having just been signed to Rough Trade Records. Almost immediately, we got them onto The Vaccines first UK tour as support and it all started to build in a positive way after that. The band played some decent headline shows and festivals, both in the UK and around the world, and were receiving some positive radio play and press features around the America Give Up album, when, unfortunately, just as quickly, it all went to tits (but we don’t need to go into that here).

Working with the Rough Trade team made up of Geoff, Jeannette, Paul, Jamie, Camille, Ben and Ruth, on the America Give Up campaign was a lot of fun, and the album achieved some positive results. In October 2012, Geoff Travis and Paul Jones arranged for Jordan Gatesmith from the band to record with Jon Spencer (Blues Explosion) which we were all really excited about.

On the final day of recording in New York, I was lucky enough to be able to witness Jon’s consummate skills amongst the analogue equipment he was using. The end results were a song called ‘Louise’ and this blog’s featured track ‘Ipecac’. Ipecac, as the name almost suggests, is a high-powered and rapid-acting emetic, which for a reason unbeknownst to anyone but him, Jordan from the band was quite fascinated by and so naturally, he decided to write a song about it! The results on both songs were fantastic but for some reason, Jordan and his producer didn’t want them to be used and they remained unreleased. This is, as far as I am aware, the first time that the track has been made available and I hope that people who loved the band, like we did, will enjoy it.

Daisy Cronen meets Howler – 12th Jan 2012 – Rough Trade East

The band decided to stop working with us before the release of the truly awful and ironically titled second album ‘World of Joy’ but the three years that we had with them remain incredibly special. ‘Ipecac’ remains one of my favourite tracks recorded by the band and I still think it deserves to be thrown up into the light of day! ***note the small child theme with the photos!***

Edited by Claire Linfield

Dedicated to Nigel, Rhiann, Rough Trade Records, Jordan, Ian, France Camp (Jay), Brent, Max, Barney, and Waynne.

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Wesley Gonzalez & Rose Elinor Dougall ‘Greater Expectations’ – Video

Greater Expectations is a new song from Wesley Gonzalez and Rose Elinor Dougall: https://moshimoshi.plctrmm.to/GE

Wes explains: “Greater Expectations was co-written with the brilliant Rose Elinor Dougall in the summer of 2019. I believe it came from discussing the hypocrisy of flawed people on Instagram being public-facing self-help charlatans. We wanted to write something that expresses something positive whilst also managing to be somewhat sneering towards social media’s vacuous status-seeking which can feel like looking into the window of a yuppy showroom.” Dougall adds: “We were thinking about ideas surrounding the future or what a certain group of people feel that their futures were entitled to be, that perhaps there’s a need to face up to those potentialities not existing anymore”. Gonzalez continues: “The track was recorded just a couple of weeks before the full national lockdown started in late February 2020 by Euan Hinshelwood to tape at his Vacant TV studios in Greenwich and then mixed remotely by Jamie Neville at Teeth Studios.

The accompanying stop-motion animated video is the first of its kind to be solely animated by a photocopier. Directed by Tim Stevens, the video takes every frame of a traditionally shot full band performance and manipulates these images, employing various techniques, through a xerox machine and then pieced back together frame by frame and reanimated into the finished product.”

Director, Cameraman and Printmaker: Tim Stevens
Assisted by the band & Hannah Marsden
With the support of The Rio Cinema and XEROX

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